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19 Digimon Data Squad Games

Find all the alphabet in the image of our great hero of the comic, Ironman. Once you find pass to the next level. Ironman alphabet
Here you have an animation of two characters, Cell Dragon Ball Z and Gabumon of Manga cartoon Digimon. Cell and Gabumon
You have to be quick and fast in this game to find partners. To pass the level you must find all pairs of Pokemon before time runs out. Not as easy as it sounds Pokemon looking couples

Other free Pets Games

Have a good time completing all the puzzles of Furby, do not forget to buy your score point with fan Fandejuegos Furby: Puzzles Fandejuegos
Our friend, Dora the Explorer has a new mission, to train this nice dog. You have to teach the dog to eat, turn around and many more activities to compete in the big contest Dora the Explorer, puppy training
Play this bloody Madness game where you pick a frightening mask and bust heads with a devastating weapon. Use the arrow keys to move, press the space bar to shoot Madness: Bloody
Stickman In this game you have to sharpen your aim in training targets. You have to prove that you are fast and efficient with gun Stickman, point and shoot
Fun game to wash and care for dogs in a hotel for dogs. You`re a dog caregiver and your mission is to serve clients dogs. If caters very well to customers` pets get a good tip Dog Wash at Hotel
Take care with love this puppy. You`ve found this abandoned in the streets where you live and now you have to take care of puppy. Bathe, comb and dress this puppy with the prettiest clothes to find Cute Puppy Care
Besa has Angela when nobody stop filling the heart with love before time runs out. How many times will kiss Angela? Kisses Talking Tom and Angela
Funny mario bros game in which you will need to go joining various colors of different Marios. Mario Bros Puppets
Play this new fighting game with good graphics and easy to handle. Choose the most desired pet, and then fight with your opponent. You have to win twice to advance to the next level if you lose the two begin fighting again Combat Pets
This game is to wash and comb your dog to the park that people can go for your pet. You have to wash, dry and cut the nails the dog to get great benefits Flush Puppies
I`ve found this cute puppy in the street and your mom does not want you to have it at home, you have to wash, comb and dress the puppy to find an owner. Earn money to buy more clothes for this puppy Doggy Wash and comb
What do puppies like to take care of cats and dogs? Well now you have several puppies and cats, you have to take care and pamper you to make this happy. Have fun! Take care of my puppies