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Play this fun game of building objects with colored blocks. Put all your ability to build these objects using the robot brought the future construction Drone
We work and we have to help you with your crane. You must pick up the merchandise I`m leaving on the ground, but be careful not to run out of fuel or crashing. As you run out of fuel and crashes begin again The crane snake
Our friend Diego has new quest to collect all the garbage of the city, try picking up the garbage can to the next level and reach your maximum score. Diego Tractor
Help SpongeBob stop picking up trash and clean streets. You`ll have to use a tractor with a shovel to achieve these tasks. Krusty will be your main ally. Squidward Tractor
Very good game, where you take your crane control. Your customers ask you construct buildings and you must make your best. Ask lots of buildings and abanza of levels! Builder happy
In this game you have ordered to destroy all the houses with the crane. You have to move the mouse to handle the ball cuerga your crane. You have to earn money to buy upgrades for the shredder Wrecking ball
Another game of destruction, demolition. Select the city you want derrivar and with the help of a crane and national steel ball, you should just destroy everything you want! The man destroyer
Have a great company of construction machines and have a new job, build a highway. You have to drive great machines of construction and work with them. Collect land, cut trees and thousands of different jobs Construction Machines
Drive the new Mario tractor. You have to collect all the coins on the screen without falling off the tractor. Each level you complete unlocks new characters Mario Tractor
In this game you use a hook with which you have to catch all the toys of each mission. Take advantage of three chances to complete the mission, if you fail you have to start the level again Toy hook
Your goal is to destroy this crane demolishing buildings. You have to move the crane to move a steel ball and destroy the entire building leaving no brick City wrecking machine
Drive this wrecking machine and knocking large buildings. Your mission is to kill the person that is lit red and that will mean destroying the buildings of the screen Wrecking ball 2
Play this fun game where you have to make humorous antics annoy the workers for the construction of this building. You click the mouse where you think you can annoy the workers Construction Travesuras
Help Homer Simpson has to rescue his family who are trapped in the police truck and has therefore decided to conduct a wrecking machine. Use the arrow keys to hit the police truck and throw as far as possible The Simpsons: wrecking ball
You`re the new Municipal crane driver and your mission is to transport the cars that are illegally parked. Ride the lift and follow the arrow. Collect the illegally parked car and take it to the police depot Police Crane
You`re the new truck driver and your mission is transporting all the gold mined. Transports the gold to the bottom of the screen without losing the load because of bad road Golden Transport
Work in a seaport where ships full of goods downloads and your job is to transport the goods to the right place, try not to crash otherwise you will start the level again Parking at the port
Drive this crane demolishing and destroying all buildings in the area so they can build amusement parks. Move the mouse to interact with the crane demolishing Demolition
Need forklift license to work in this store and for that you have to pass all the tests Licensing trucks
You`re the new city crane driver in this city and your mission is to hook cars to transport the crane and tank cars. Be very careful not to damage the vehicle, otherwise you will start the level again Parking: Crane mania

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