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Even the most handsome men of the world needs a few tweaks. Brad Pitt tries to give a new look, with all that you give. Brad Pitt
Shakira is getting ready for their next tour, to help her desides your new luck. Makeup and brushes as you like about this artist. interacts with the mouse Shakira Style
This Pony Decorate for the party of his people. Interacts with the mouse to select the desired hairstyle or color preferred Stylish Pony
Dare to change the look of the beautiful artist Beyonce. Makeup in the most desired, comb your cravings and change your hair color. You can also dock accessories and a dress Beyonce
Shows all your skill of raising dogs in the biggest competition of dog breeders. Enter the name of the pet, and get to work: Pet the pup, feed, bathe and care for and secure the first prize win Competition of dog breeders
You are the new style of the famous Lady Gaga. You have to change the look of Lady Gaga for her next concert this summer. You can change your hairstyle, hair color, clothing and accessories ... Lady Gaga
Claudia has her first date with a boy from her high school save and what to wear. Claudia loves this guy and want the look dazzling, but the nerves do not save what to wear. You have to help this girl with your Havilah My first appointment
Carol is a very popular skater in your town and you have to help her dress. Carol has been a skater to take a few leaps in Rampla and she loves that boy. Carol helps her dress for that guy only has eyes for her Dressing the skater
You`re the new stylist Vanessa Minnillo and you have to change the look for an interview with a filmmaker. Vanessa Minnillo wants to look pretty choose it in the next film to be shot in Hollywood Dress and make up Vanessa Minnillo
Surprise mom giving a surprise, get pretty and encouraged to put their best clothes to go for a walk and invited to go shopping which make him the surprise of a bouquet hair Surprise Mom!
Monica has a date with a guy who loves and wants to be pretty. Help this girl to be beautiful for the appointment, you can change your clothes, hairstyle and accessories Stylist: Monica 2
Zendaya is a young model, very pretty. You will prepare, paint, makeup, dress, her hair to come out to the catwalk as beautiful as possible. Dress Zendaya
On Valentine`s Day you should put your girlfriend super pretty, dress, her hair, makeup, todoo a detail to be the prettiest girl in the Valentine`s Day! Hap
Amanda is a very pretty girl, a girl who has decided to party and you will be responsible / to bring it more beautiful. Maquíllala, dress her up Paint her eyelashes and super fashionable! Amanda Maquillando
Barbie has to go on the cover of the magazine of the dolls and wants you to help him change hairstyle and makeup. Your mission is to make up and style to this beautiful doll Barbie on the cover
Help Barbie to dress for the cover of a major magazine for pets. You have to change hairstyles and clothing for the next cover of pet most widely read Barbie Dress up your pet
Frankie has a party and wants to go very pretty but with the nerves of the party does not know what to wear. Frankie helps makeup and combing is important for party Making up the Monster High
We are in the final of the Euro and we have to support our football team. Dress up this girl as a model to see our team win the Cup of UEFA EURO 2012 Dress up for Euro 2012
Your first client in the hairdresser`s Hannah Montana and want to let it ever has been. You can comb, hair straightening, cutting, shaping, painting and more. Pudes do whatever you want with the hair of Hannah Montana Hannah Montana: Hairdresser
Bell has to impress Peter Pan and for that you have to help Bell to makeup, comb and pick a nice dress. Do not forget to write your name alongside Bell out Tinkerbell Makeup

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