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Here`s this precious dog that asees, comb it and wash it so it is good looking.

Games Dog Wash

Dog Wash

Play make God and make a new Barbie to succeed on the catwalk. Take this opportunity to create your own Barbie, makeup, change the eye color, hairstyle and wears the best clothing

Games Create a Barbie

Create a Barbie

Play this fun game where you have a major hair salon hair salon located in the city and your mission is to cut and peel the girls that come into the salon

Games Hairdressers


Dora the Explorer has been raised with very little desire to comb for summer school and wants you to help has combing and choose a nice dress. Have fun!

Games Hairdresser Dora the Explorer

Hairdresser Dora the Explorer

In your hairdresser to come a girl he wants to marry and want the combs with beautiful hairstyles you do, you have to comb several ways for client to choose the hairstyle that you like

Games Hairstyles for Wedding

Hairstyles for Wedding

Sandra is this girl who wants to be very pretty for the holidays of Christmas and you have to help to achieve a beautiful complexion. Clean the face of this girl and make her up as you know, do not forget to choose a nice dress

Games Makeup for Christmas

Makeup for Christmas


Comb Games

As the name suggests you have to jump rope to keep playing. This girl has to jump rope in a limited time without falling to the next level. Remember you can not fall off, otherwise you`ll start the level again

Games Skip the comb

Skip the comb

I`ve found this cute puppy in the street and your mom does not want you to have it at home, you have to wash, comb and dress the puppy to find an owner. Earn money to buy more clothes for this puppy

Games Doggy Wash and comb

Doggy Wash and comb

Frankie helps to make up for a very special holiday. Shave, makeup, clothes and hair of this beautiful girl. Use the mouse to play this fun game of Monster High

Games Monster High: beautician

Monster High: beautician

Anna, Kristoff, snowman and reindeer Sven Olaf come to the ice kingdom to visit his beloved princess. Help the princess has makeup and choose a nice dress for this very important for her appointment

Games Frozen, makeup

Frozen, makeup

Dress up this doll as your own barbie, comb and make her up to this beautiful and smiling

Games Dress an Angel

Dress an Angel

Dress up this girl by the exigencies of each season, in winter dress better, put him in summer cool things, and especially make up very well.

Games Autumm Makeover

Autumm Makeover

Now you have here to Anna Kournikova, you can dress as you like, you will no longer be seen as always dressed in tennis

Games Anna Kournikova Dress

Anna Kournikova Dress

Dress any way you like Rapelia, fashionable now, or the fashion of the 80, as you prefer

Games Dress the Rapela

Dress the Rapela

Dress up this girl for a date with a young, does not know what to wear, and should wear a gown

Games Dressing Lady Night

Dressing Lady Night

Step into the shoes of a fairy, and thinks that he might favor look more like a little fairy

Games Magic Fairy Dressup

Magic Fairy Dressup

Here`s this precious dog that asees, comb it and wash it so it is good looking.

Dog Wash

You will own a salon and you have to make different hairstyles for girls who come to your hairdresser.

Perfect Hair

You`ve found some books when you were only a child. The book includes drawings of dolls and many stickers of clothes. Dress up dolls as you want.

The albun of your life

Even the most handsome men of the world needs a few tweaks. Brad Pitt tries to give a new look, with all that you give.

Brad Pitt

Shakira is getting ready for their next tour, to help her desides your new luck. Makeup and brushes as you like about this artist. interacts with the mouse

Shakira Style

This Pony Decorate for the party of his people. Interacts with the mouse to select the desired hairstyle or color preferred

Stylish Pony

Dare to change the look of the beautiful artist Beyonce. Makeup in the most desired, comb your cravings and change your hair color. You can also dock accessories and a dress


Shows all your skill of raising dogs in the biggest competition of dog breeders. Enter the name of the pet, and get to work: Pet the pup, feed, bathe and care for and secure the first prize win

Competition of dog breeders

You are the new style of the famous Lady Gaga. You have to change the look of Lady Gaga for her next concert this summer. You can change your hairstyle, hair color, clothing and accessories ...

Lady Gaga

Claudia has her first date with a boy from her high school save and what to wear. Claudia loves this guy and want the look dazzling, but the nerves do not save what to wear. You have to help this girl with your Havilah

My first appointment

Carol is a very popular skater in your town and you have to help her dress. Carol has been a skater to take a few leaps in Rampla and she loves that boy. Carol helps her dress for that guy only has eyes for her

Dressing the skater

You`re the new stylist Vanessa Minnillo and you have to change the look for an interview with a filmmaker. Vanessa Minnillo wants to look pretty choose it in the next film to be shot in Hollywood

Dress and make up Vanessa Minnillo

Surprise mom giving a surprise, get pretty and encouraged to put their best clothes to go for a walk and invited to go shopping which make him the surprise of a bouquet hair

Surprise Mom!

Monica has a date with a guy who loves and wants to be pretty. Help this girl to be beautiful for the appointment, you can change your clothes, hairstyle and accessories

Stylist: Monica 2

Zendaya is a young model, very pretty. You will prepare, paint, makeup, dress, her hair to come out to the catwalk as beautiful as possible.

Dress Zendaya

On Valentine`s Day you should put your girlfriend super pretty, dress, her hair, makeup, todoo a detail to be the prettiest girl in the Valentine`s Day!


Amanda is a very pretty girl, a girl who has decided to party and you will be responsible / to bring it more beautiful. Maquíllala, dress her up Paint her eyelashes and super fashionable!

Amanda Maquillando

Barbie has to go on the cover of the magazine of the dolls and wants you to help him change hairstyle and makeup. Your mission is to make up and style to this beautiful doll

Barbie on the cover

Help Barbie to dress for the cover of a major magazine for pets. You have to change hairstyles and clothing for the next cover of pet most widely read

Barbie Dress up your pet

Frankie has a party and wants to go very pretty but with the nerves of the party does not know what to wear. Frankie helps makeup and combing is important for party

Making up the Monster High

We are in the final of the Euro and we have to support our football team. Dress up this girl as a model to see our team win the Cup of UEFA EURO 2012

Dress up for Euro 2012

Your first client in the hairdresser`s Hannah Montana and want to let it ever has been. You can comb, hair straightening, cutting, shaping, painting and more. Pudes do whatever you want with the hair of Hannah Montana

Hannah Montana: Hairdresser

Bell has to impress Peter Pan and for that you have to help Bell to makeup, comb and pick a nice dress. Do not forget to write your name alongside Bell out

Tinkerbell Makeup

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Other free Hairdressers Games

Have the best pet beauty salon and for a large sum of revenue will have to work very hard. You have to meet the customers` pets and animals washing

Wash pets

Today we are going to change the style of the game's protagonist Jake Subway Surfers. How would you like comb ?. or Would you change hair color ?. Now you can do whatever you want with your hair and clothes. Enjoy it!

Hairdressing Subway Surfers

Here`s this precious dog that asees, comb it and wash it so it is good looking.

Dog Wash

These girls in a hair salon and I have asked you to do the facial for a lady. Do well and let him face super shiny. Interact with the mouse

Clean skin

Elsa wants to change your look and wants you help. You can cut, shampoo and change the hair color as you like Elsa. Use your imagination to change the look of the Ice Queen

Making up Elsa, Frozen

These teaching hairdressing and your teacher has commissioned one of his best customers and does not want to miss. Help your teacher to leave his client is happy with a new cut and color look. Interact with the mouse

girls hairdresser

You have your own hair salon for girls and your mission is to serve all customers who come into your hairdresser and try to be happy to go back another day to fix her hair

Hairstyling for Girls

Barbie is on vacation at the ranch and would like you to dress for your next class riding. Change their hairstyle and clothing as often as you like

Barbie dress at the ranch

Girls look like I have hair !. I need your help to peinéis and I do them very pretty, because this afternoon and stayed with my boy and I want to stay surprised at my new makeover. Would I will you help?

See that hairs have!

To enter the club of the girls, you have to do a little test. Demonstrate knowledge consists of fashion.

Super girls club

Play this fun game where you have a major hair salon hair salon located in the city and your mission is to cut and peel the girls that come into the salon


Have a good time making up the princess Elsa. Use scissors to cut the hair of Elsa, you can also use the dryer, irons and all hairdressing tools. How will Elsa after the hairdresser?

Elsa Makeover

One of the most functions demands of a good hairdresser is to comb their customers, but do not just want a normal hairstyle and looking for something new. You must be able to impress creating hairstyles that Haban never imagined, but not only what conseguirs peinndolos so you can use other ways to use extensions lograrlo. Puedes for a longest hair and give m s tintarlo different shapes or colors to show other effects. It is possible to offer a total makeover with just a change of hairstyle, many customers seek this last either to offer a new image of smismos or show sb sentiment and confidence to interview celebrities like trabajo. Algunas Barbie, Megan Fox or Shakira pondrn in your hands to dazzle your fans at each event. Try the most daring hairstyles with those looking to innovate, you can even practice them with wigs which will help you become the master of the most innovative hairstyles.

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