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It is a perfect simulation of Grand Theft Auto GTA flash or whatever you want to call. Interact through a world full of robberies and murders. Bad Boys, Bad Boys!

Games GTA, Bad Boy

GTA, Bad Boy
Mortal Kombat 3 is a great fighting game. Interact with the arrow keys to fight and learn to do fatality. Fatality is when you defeat your opponent twice, I can finish. You have to defeat all opponents to be the champion of Mortal Kombat

Games Mortal Kombat 3

Mortal Kombat 3
Choose the desired fighter Mortal Kombat 3 and only will do the Fatality. Dare to choose all the characters to do a fatality, you`ve never seen

Games Mortal Kombat 3 fatalitys fun

Mortal Kombat 3 fatalitys fun

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This city is full of zombies and you`re the only survivor of the area, but hopefully you`re in the police station and you can borrow a police car, with which you can run over all the zombies and escape this cursed city

Games Bloody Roads

Bloody Roads
Spread in a very bloody race where you have to choose your character and try to get more desired at the end of the screen in one piece, otherwise you will have to enter the boot menu and play again

Games Careers bloody

Careers bloody
Bloody fighting game with well known characters such as Spiderman, Goku, Blade, Freddy, Wolverine, Optimus Prime, etc.

Games Bloody Fighter

Bloody Fighter
You`re in the dining room of your school when all your classmates derrepente start behaving strangely. All students are mutated in a kind of zombies. Kill all the mutants and the person responsible for this tragedy

Games The bloody school

The bloody school
Play this bloody Madness game where you pick a frightening mask and bust heads with a devastating weapon. Use the arrow keys to move, press the space bar to shoot

Games Madness: Bloody

Madness: Bloody
If you like action games and bloody this game you`ll like because you have to kill many enemies with your guns and weapons that are in levels, activate doors to escape this nightmare. Enjoy!

Games Laboratory bloody

Laboratory bloody
In this game you have to survive barias massive waves of zombies and mutant monsters who want to kill you and your girl. Is chasing the enemies to kill them before they can kill you

Games Bloody Night

Bloody Night
Kill all the aliens you encounter, they want to avoid that sends gifts to children.

Games Santa Claus bloody

Santa Claus bloody
Point very well with the foresight to leave enemies and kill everyone if you go all the way

Games Kill Kill Kill

Kill Kill Kill
In this game you have to get to the exit portal, this will have to sacrifice several times to achieve your goal

Games Kill Me

Kill Me
You are in the basement where there is a huge creature that wants to eat you and you have to escape from this huge multi- armed monsters and enemies that want your death. Great action and shooting game where you can customize your character

Games Run you kill

Run you kill
In this game you have to kill the famous that you choose. First famous hits as hard as possible to make a lot of damage and have not had enough, take it and hit it against cars and buildings. The more points you get more damage

Kill celebrities
Manage this strange character who wants revenge on a village, and did not care about it at Christmas time

Kill Christmas
Here`s a fun game of the south park where you will have to stop killing kenny as he always believed in the series.

Kill Kenny
Youre a madman loose in the asylum two days ago. You hire a company without knowing your history, but when they find out you get fired. What is your reaction?

Cubes kill 3
Now is your chance to avenge your father. Take his magic sword, with which I try to protect you in your day, these same beings. And back to all evil spirits from which they come.

The test that kill
Sword fighting game based on the movie Kill Bill 2. Use your sword to kill your enemies but be careful with the thugs who want to kill. Cut heads, legs, arms and all you have to cut in order to survive

Kill Bill 2
A shooting game where you have to kill all the characters of Pokemon. You`re a murderer hired and you have given an order to kill all the Pokemon characters

Pokemon Kill
The city is full of zombies with a craving for a cool welcome. Your mission is to kill all the zombies to get money to buy weapons and upgrades. A tip shoots the head to kill the zombies

Kill the zombies
It is about Halloween night and this morning have risen all nonliving this cemetery. Aim for the head and busting heads all these zombies. Earn money to buy new weapons

Kill Zombies
Put all your cunning to kill these nasty rats. Your mission is to kill all the rats deceiving them with a piece of cheese that never tested

Kill rats
Great shooting game where you have to kill zombies and terrorists. Choose the game mode you want to play: Kill zombies or kill terrorists. Get points to purchase upgrades and new weapons

Kill: Zombies invincible
You are in the hot hell with a gun and a wave of zombies are close to you. Your goal is to kill all the zombies, get money to buy upgrades and new weapons. This game is one of terror, very bloody

Kill zombies in hell
Our friends Mario and Sonic have come together to protect the world of Mario against the zombies. Mario has to kill all the zombies to get coins and exchange them for weapons and upgrades

Mario and kill the zombies Sonic
It is a perfect simulation of Grand Theft Auto GTA flash or whatever you want to call. Interact through a world full of robberies and murders. Bad Boys, Bad Boys!

GTA, Bad Boy
Play this shooter game where you must defend a few gasnters you want to kill in the middle of the city. Interctua with the arrow keys to aim and shoot.

Gangster in the city
You are one of the best cops in your district and you have to sow peace in the streets. Load your gun and shoot all the criminals who cross your path

Future Cops
Aim and shoot all the enemies on the screen before they can kill you. If you shoot the head probably die in one shot, otherwise you will have to shoot more than once

Grand Theft Shooter 3
Great action game where you are a Stikman and your mission is to kill all the enemies before they can kill you. Avanza levels buying upgrades and new weapons

Casual crazy action
Our land is being attacked by insects negligible. But to reach the castle have to go down a road. That`s where you have to plan the ambush.

Defend the way
A massive wave of enemies close to Bart Simpson to hurt, but do not know that Bart is armed and can end their lives. Survive the waves of enemies to earn money and buy new weapons

Bart Simpson, survivals
Help Stickman empire has conquered the whole country. you have to send the workers has to extract gold from the mines to buy troops and win the battle

Stick War
It all started when a nutcase killed your martial arts master and now have to travel to a world full of dangerous enemies and retrieve the sword he stole your teacher. A great action game that you do not get bored easily

Forbidden Arms
Get ready to aim and shoot all the thugs in this city. Your mission is to annihilate all the gangster before they can kill you. How long can you hold out?

Gangster Buster
This man wants to sleep but disgusting cockroaches do not leave him alone and wants you to kill all the cockroaches during sleep. Can he sleep peacefully?

Cockroaches dream

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