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Play basketball with these superheroes to shoot free throws. Choose the desired character in the superhero basketball Beat the contrary. Be careful when you throw the ball to the basket moves from left to right

Games Batman vs. Superman: Basketball

Batman vs. Superman: Basketball

Gotham City is exempt from police and Batman will have to walk the streets to catch thieves who have robbed the city bank

Games Batman: The cobblebot capper

Batman: The cobblebot capper

In this game you have to color our superhero Batman with his vehicle. Color can change as often as desired. Use the mouse to play this fun coloring game

Games Batman Coloring in the city

Batman Coloring in the city

Play this great game of pinball, where you can choose to Spiderman or Batman. Interact with the arrow keys to hit the ball and not let it fall. Add up all the points as you can and challenge your record

Games Pinball Spiderman vs Batman

Pinball Spiderman vs Batman

Batman and the Joker have reached a deal. If Batman gets on his motorbike racing circuit all levels, the Joker will be leaving the city in absolute peace. But not winning at all levels, who have to leave Manhattan is Ba

Games Batman Dark Corridor

Batman Dark Corridor

Batman Returns otravez to bring order to Gotham City. In the city of Gotham are all criminals have escaped from prison and are stealing all the shops and Batman has to stop. Use your fists to kill tyrants alos

Games Batman in Gotham City

Batman in Gotham City

Batman has to eliminate all the tyrants who want to take the city. Fight with all the allies of Joker and put an end to corruption

Games Batman defends the city

Batman defends the city

Batman has to fly through the city dodging deadly traps all. Collect all the Batman to regain health, but be careful not to collide with the bombs that can detract from your health

Games Batman anti pumps

Batman anti pumps

Batman wants to test his strength by breaking the steel beams that are on the street. You have to press the space bar when the number is very high. Try to break all the beams with a single punch

Games Maximum power of Batman

Maximum power of Batman

Help Batman complete all levels of the game riding on his new truck. You have to collect all the coins on the screen without crashing, otherwise you`ll start the level again. Try to reach the goal in the shortest time possible

Batman Super Truck

Our beloved Batman has to walk the streets of New York riding his new bike to catch the evil Joker. Use the arrow keys to dodge the cars and if you`re in a hurry you can shoot by pressing the space

Batman The Dark Knight

Play this fun game of Batman in a platform game where you have to kill tens of mutant zombies and find the exit but be careful of the deadly traps

Batman vs Zombies: Platforms

Interact with Batman to defeat the evil Gorilla and rescue your fellow Robin. You have to dodge the barrels pulling the Gorilla and collect all the Batman to fight the Gorilla

Batman vs Gorilla and barrels

Play this fun puzzle game based on an image of the Lego Batman game. Try to reconstruct the puzzle in the shortest possible time

Lego Batman: Puzzle

Help Batman has to kill all the criminals who have escaped from prison. Use your gun to kill all the criminals and do not let any live

Batman saves the city

The Joker is evil hidden in the icy plains and now has to find Batman riding his new bike touring dangerous snow covered roads. You must reach the goal in the shortest time possible

Batman: Bikes in the snow

Mount the Batmobile of Batman and leads to full speed to beat your opponents in this exciting career. Use the arrow keys to move

Batman Dark Race 3D

Play this new Batman game where you have to drive the Batmobile and skidding for all curves of each circuit trying to collect letters from the evil Joker

Batman crashes and spinouts

Batman has to catch the evil Joker, and this will have to climb to the top of the building jumping platforms there around the building, but be careful with Joker traps that can really hurt

Batman jumps to the top of the building

Play this Batman game where you have to kill the zombies in the game Plants vs. Zombies. Kill all the zombies and reach the exit door. Not as easy as it looks

Batman vs Zombies Plants

Catwoman is in danger and you have to interact with Batman to save Catwoman before it is too late. Use your weapons to kill the enemies that cross your path

Batman saves Catwoman

Batman has to escape from the cave where he was imprisoned and now have to run everything you can before the cave collapses

Batman escapes cave

Batman defends Gotham City from the evil criminals who want to introduce corruption in the city. Hit them good punches and flying kicks the enemies before they can give you a good beating

Batman defends Gotham

Joker to camouflage multiple objects to not find Batman, Batman helps to search and find all camouflaged between images of objects Batman. Find all the objects in the bottom of the screen

Batman: Hidden Objects

The Joker has tended her a wicked trap our friend Batman. Now you have to escape the nuclear bomb, you have to climb to the top and fight Joker. Hurry because there is not much time

Batman escapes pollution

Batman is in an abandoned city to turn electricity generators, be very careful of traps and enemies that are in it

Batman Forgotten City

Batman`s bedroom is all messed up and can not find the toys they want to play. Help Batman toys find all the hidden room in a limited time

Batman finds the hidden objects

We have more!, Play all the games of Batman, select your page

Other free Superheroes Games

Great fighting game where the best fighters compete better known for the games. You have to choose the most desirable character and fight with the most powerful opponents

Superheroes vs Manga

Born new superheroes with super powers and all are in this game. You have to protect the city of thieves and above all do no harm to the innocent. Your mission is to kill all the enemies with your super powers

New Superheroes

Do you want to accept a table tennis tournament competing with superheroes video games? Now you can compete with Mario, Batman and Ben 10, you choose where you want and with whoever you want

Table tennis with the Superheroes

Find all stuffed superheroes that are hidden in this store. Try to find all the stuffed animals before time runs out. Compare your result with the other fan

Search the plush of the Superheroes

Superheroes nustros also want to participate in the World Cup in Brazil. Play soccer with superheroes and tries to win the competition. Eb this world anything goes, no rules, the team scoring the most goals wins. You dare!

Soccer World Superheroes

In this game you have to choose your favorite superhero car and destroy all the cars of your opponents. The last car left alive is the winner

Car Battle superheroes

After the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne, in front of his small son Bruce Gotham City is a wave of crmenes Sumien and unprecedented corruption. It seems that the death of these two famous characters of the city llevla little kindness that people had left in Gotham. Pero gives your child the same set restore hope to the city and its inhabitants, training since young Batman has become a vigilante hero who fights against everything I estpodrido. Thanks to his great wealth, Batman has a huge number of tools and weapons of last generation to fight crime, in addition to his physical strength that instills fear among enemigos. No only criminals will face current or mobsters, but tendrque deal with supervillains like the Joker or Pingino who want to destroy the city and completely remodel at will without regard for the damage they cause. Become the hero of Gotham and save the inhabitants from the evil that stalks them.

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