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Choose the desired fighter Mortal Kombat 3 and only will do the Fatality. Dare to choose all the characters to do a fatality, you`ve never seen

Games Mortal Kombat 3 fatalitys fun

Mortal Kombat 3 fatalitys fun

Funny animation that recalls the moment when Frieza kills Krillin and Goku becomes very angry super warrior for the first time.

Games SSJ Goku

SSJ Goku

Funny animation of the best teams in football, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Do not miss this nice animation

Games Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Barcelona vs Real Madrid


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Terrible fight between these 2 warriors, goku has given him the opportunity to fight vegeta sonic, see how the battle ends

Games Sonic Vs Vegeta Super Saiyan

Sonic Vs Vegeta Super Saiyan

In this video we offer a great battle against Vegeta Goku Saiyans transformed into one of these fighters will die. Who will?

Games Video of Goku vs Vegeta

Video of Goku vs Vegeta

Press play to enjoy this funny parody of Dragon Ball Z where space warriors have come to Earth to avenge the death of Radix, Goku`s brother. How does this story end?

Games Dragon Ball Z Parody

Dragon Ball Z Parody

Give him to play and enjoy this humorous video where a man is in the bathroom and is stuck. What will happen!

Video humor: Stuck

Yet another battle between Goku and Broly, this time Goku is turned into super saiyan but even so it can overtake its rival Broly.

Dragon Ball Broly Saga 3

Crazy dance to the rhythm of this music and this dance, this is the most popular song that is catchy.

Musica Loca

music game where you can create your own ringtones and choose the boys and girls playing the instruments available to you.


Here are a bloody animation of what would happen to some children on the day of Bruges after asking sweets.

Gone Too Far

Funny animation in 6 dogs that appear on the screen, hover over each one and make a different sound,

Dogs gaseous

Funny animation that tells the story of 2 twins very young until they become adults.

Kike and Koko

Here is an original animation that recounts a discussion of a marriage because the lady thinks that her husband is unfaithful.

The slip

Another entertaining animation that counts as guitarist Ramon provides a candle to its neighbor by an outage of light.

Ramon Rocker

Ramiro is walking with his bike but it has an altercation and falls of the motorcycle accident, funny animation.


Stay with this great card trick in this funny animation and then do it with your friends.


Mr. Boomba is jealous because he wants to win a girl and can not, and is devising a plan to conquer it.

Mr. Bomba

This time Mr. Boomba buy a bouquet of flowers to win his platonic love, and well see the situation.....

Mr Boomba II

This time Mr. Boomba suffer a severe trauma in an elevator with the girl of his dreams in it.

Mr. Boomba

Curious animation about a dog with long coat that makes them different positions.


A presenter of a news report and not know that you are spending a joke of the production, very entertaining!!

Deluxe TV

Funny animation of a rabbit warriors who have a little history of his race.


Here is a funny animation about a video clip of Britney Spears, but it seems it is a little sick to your stomach ..... and you will see.

Oops I Farted Again

Another dramatic situation of Mr. Boomba but this time in a supermarket, and youll see that he do in the supermarket ...

Mr. Boomba III

This time Mr.Boomba has bought a mobile to ask the phone number for his great love but do not know or use it ....

Mr. Boomba V

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