Angry birds go 2 Most Wanted Games

Play another addictive game where Flappy Bird Bros Mario and Luigi want to meet the challenge of flying between the pipes without crashing. Help Mario and Luigi to travel in between the pipes like a bird

Games Flappy Mario and Luigi

Flappy Mario and Luigi

Continuous training Goku in the world Flappy Bird, you have to jump in between the towers without crashing and advancing to the final workout

Games Flappy Goku 1.1

Flappy Goku 1.1

Play this new adventure Mario and Yoshi where they have to travel through pipes Flappy Bir without colliding. Can you get to the bottom of the screen?

Games Mario and Yoshi Adventure Flappy

Mario and Yoshi Adventure Flappy

Goku must travel to the island of Tortuga Master Troll and needs your help to control Kinton cloud. Cloud Control Goku jumping and overcome all the obstacles you encounter

Games Goku Kinton cloud

Goku Kinton cloud


Angry birds go 2 Games

Fascinating shooter. A flock of birds horrible wants to destroy the inhabitants of your city. Thanks to a powerful gun you can avoid it. Passes through different worlds different levels by eliminating all the birds that come to the canyon. A fire!

Games Atomic birds

Atomic birds

You have to take the bow facing the sky and shoot all the birds that pass. The more birds remove more chance you will pass the level. Interact with the mouse

Games Shoot the birds

Shoot the birds

Shoot colorful birds to remove them all before they reach the bottom of the screen

Games Birds Bubbles

Birds Bubbles

These birds are very crazy and are offered for we launch from a slingshot to remove pigs from the screen. You have to throw birds so that you eliminate the enemies. All birds are not created equal!

Games Birds kamikazes

Birds kamikazes

You`re a grandmother with a bad temper. You are bad, very bad ... and you`re always in a bad mood and the people who pay you cross the street.

Games Angry Big 2

Angry Big 2

Play this fun game where you have to use all your skill to destroy the robots. You have to throw giant rocks with a slingshot. Aim well to not run out of stones, you`ll lose the game

Games Angry Robots

Angry Robots

Your king has hired you to brutally smash your castle. Interacts with the arrow keys to move. Click the left mouse button to hit people and objects to get money and buy upgrades

Games Wild angry

Wild angry

Our friend Mario is in the barrel and you have to throw and kill the tyrants of the world of Mario. Try hitting the shots, otherwise you`ll start the level again

Games Angry Mario

Angry Mario

Play this fun game based on the Angry Bird game. You have to throw the alien from a slingshot to kill earthlings. Use the mouse to aim and shoot

Games Angry Alien

Angry Alien

Play another fun game of Angry Birds where you have to throw cows to destroy all the barrels of each screen. Use the mouse to play this game

Games Angry Cows

Angry Cows

Play this game based on Angry Birds game where you have to throw SpongeBob`s pet from a catapult to destroy the towers of the screen in order to kill the animals that were on them

Games Angry Gary

Angry Gary

This waiter is very angry and is throwing dishes to destroy all the dishes of the restaurant. Help break the waiter restaurant dishes bottles trying to save the table

Games Angry Waiter

Angry Waiter

Cupid is tired of so much love and hearts in the world, decided to destroy all the hearts and wants you to help him. Use the bow to shoot arrows at the hearts, use mechanical hearts to destroy mountains, you can also use the deck

Cupid angry

In the Viking era underworld beings kidnap a girl. Her boyfriend, a great warrior goes to his rescue with his noble sword.

Vikings vs angry ogres

Play this fighting game where you have to interact with a samurai and fight a wave of dangerous adversaries. Fight to kill all the enemies

Angry Yagame Lori

Again another fun game where you can play Metal Slug in two player mode and kill all the enemies with weapons you`re providing

Angry Metal Slug

Help this bird fly through the pipes of the city so you can go home. Click the left mouse button whenever you want to fly, be careful not to crash, otherwise it will do much harm this bird and start again

Flappy Birds Cheep Cheep

Have fun playing this fun puzzle game based on images of the new movie Rio 2. You have to move the puzzle pieces in the right place, you have to be very fast, because you have to complete the puzzle before the time runs out

Rio 2 Movie Puzzle

This shooting game is fun and daring, have a total of 120 shots, to shoot ducks, but if the forest guards fired 5 times you die.

Hunting ducks

Style super mario game, where you must collect coins from the water, your character will be a very funny duck

Diver Duck

Play this addictive game where you must hunt birds that roam the wire

The Wire

You like the chase? ve ever hunted birds? now have the opportunity to kill her peers in this fun shooting game

Turkey Shoot

If you like to join pieces, this is your game, using logic and complete the puzzles facing you in the shortest time possible.

Puzzle Maniak

Sonic has become Super Sonic, to catch Robotic, help to avoid all the traps and obstacles down the left mouse bolar

Super Sonic click

Pelican wimp humor is in game where you have to shit on the cars on the road. Move the cursor and be very careful with the other birds, they want to fleece you!

Pelican wimp

Play this fun game of Hulk. Hulk is very angry and wants to destroy the entire city cops buts not left undisturbed. Hulk wants to kill all the cops to make money and buy weapons and upgrades

Hulk`s Revenge

Play the classic game of Zuma game based on the Angry Bird. You have to free the birds from the claws of the cat and for this you have to throw the birds with their corresponding color

Zuma Bird

Help our beloved canary choose a nice costume for Mardi Gras this year. You can combine clothes and accessories as often as you like

Tweety in carnival

Dispute a somewhat unusual career. Best ostriches measured forces to determine who wins. Choose the most convincing to keep winning and being the number 1.

Ostrich Race

I have given a pretty parrot and now you have to take care. Choose the one you like parrot, clean, dry, comb, cut nails and wears a nice hat. You can also play with the

Caring for pets: Parrots

Have a good time playing this fun game pet care. You have to take care of this beautiful parakeet with the mouse

Caring for Parakeets

Great action game where you are a military soldier and you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute, storks kills all possible before reaching the ground

Stork Shot

Help this monkey to catch something to eat, throw the boomerang to hunt ostriches. Move the mouse to aim, press the space bar to throw the boomerang

Hunting with boomerang

This pigeon you see in the picture has been mistreated by humans and now wants revenge shitting on them. Your mission is to shit on people who roam around

Revenge Pigeon

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